Our goal is to redefine the title industry

Our passion is to provide our clients a trustworthy and solid foundation for their transactions. We stand as a neutral and unbiased third-party to assist you through a successful and worry-free transaction. Our team is experienced, solid, and have stood the test of time. We are honored to receive your trust through your transaction journey.

A Zest for Life

Ariana Arvizu
Escrow Officer

Ariana is Arizona born and raised and developed a passion for all things real estate early on. She started in the title industry at the age of 20 and has been hooked ever since. With experience in marketing and sales she began by helping real estate agents grow their business before getting the bug for escrow and transitioning to her first escrow assistant position. She prides herself in going the extra mile to do all she can to help clients experience the smoothest transaction possible. “I believe that communication and working hard is the key to success, and it’s especially rewarding working to facilitate the closing of a new home”.

Her enthusiasm and attentive work ethics enlivens the office. She is a reliable right-hand woman, and you will find that many of the items you need she is placing in front of  you before you realize you need them.

When not working with clients and their transactions, she enjoys spending time with family and exercising her artistic side by crafting custom items to sell and doing hair.

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One Stop Shop – Analytics and Graphic Design

Carlos Sisalima
Sales and Marketing Manager

Carlos Sisalima brings five years of customer service and marketing experience to the Momentum Team. Knowledgeable in both predictive analytics and graphic design, Carlos is your go-to guy for property profiles, farm reports, print and social media graphics.

Always looking for a new challenge, Carlos brings different ideas, inventiveness and creativity to the office. We look forward to seeing how the marketing team develops under his leadership.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, he enjoys soaking up all the Arizona sunshine and exploring our great state.

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A No Nonsense, Straight Shooter with a Heart for Service

Cristi Harris
Project Manager

Cristi has ten years experience in customer service in the fields of real estate, title & escrow, construction, personal and commercial insurance. She has also assisted non-profits in California and Arizona with their marketing and events for over twenty years. Her motto is “Aim not to be a success, but rather to be of service.”

Cristi has an indelible appreciation for those around her. Her honest and forthright manner grounds the office and keeps the team on firm footing. Her passion for service not only to her clients, but for everyone she meets is evident the moment of first meetings. Trustworthy and dependable comes quickly as a description for Cristi of those who know her.

Cristi and her husband have two teen sons and enjoys spending time with them backpacking, camping and watching them play football and rugby.