The work our agency performs serves to protect everyone involved in the real estate transaction. This includes the homebuyer, home seller, real estate agent, and the lender. Our work is a critical and essential service that assures that the transaction is legal and complete.

  • Chain Of Title
  • Title Research And Property Survey
  • Title Insurance
  • Determining Title Holder
  • Closing
  • Funding



The escrow file is opened and title report is ordered. In the title report request, we include:

  • Escrow Number
  • Name of Buyer
  • Name of Seller
  • The Property Address

This purchase agreement is a formal document that is dictated by the State of Arizona, more formally known as the ” Arizona Real Estate Purchase Agreement.

This agreement comes to us completed in which all parties have signed. It also includes information such as:

  • The Purchase Price
  • Earnest Money
  • Down Payment Amount
  • Any Loan Involvement

Any formal agreements also are listed in this document. For example:

  • Lists who pays for:
    • Home Warranty
    • Appraisal Fees
    • Escrow Fee (usually paid equally between both parties)
    • Owner Title Insurance Policy (commonly paid by the Seller)
    • Lender Insurance Policy (commonly paid by the Buyer)
    • Any Endorsement  required by the Lender (Paid by the buyer)
    • Recording Fees (Normally split by both Buyer and Seller)

We contact the buyer for earnest money. We record the earnest monies received and send confirmation to all parties.

Performing a Title Search is reaching back the entire history of the property. Search items include:

  • Outstanding Mortgages
  • Other Existing Liens
  • Unpaid Homeowners Association Dues
  • Judgements Or Unpaid Tax Liens
  • Restrictions
  • Easements
  • Leases

After receipt of the earnest money, the “Title Commitment” is completed in-house. This process is a complete background research on the entire property history. 

The Title Commitment includes:

  • The Owner of the Property
  • Current Lender
  • Loan amount
  • Buyer’s Name
  • Purchase Price
  • Buyer’s Loan Amount

The Second page includes information such as:

  • Loan information
  • HOA (if applicable)
  • Any liens or judgements

The rest of the Title Commitment document covers standard requirements.

Our team prepares the final estimated closing disclosure, which is then sent to each Real Estate Agent for validation/confirmation.

This closing discloser is a list of of all charges and credits of the sale.

Once confirmation is received, a time is scheduled to review buyers final documents with the buyers and sellers.  We spend time with each party separately, and go over all the detailed information, and explain the documents where needed. The documents are signed.

After the final signatures, we receive loan funds from the buyer or the buyer’s lender. We also receive any funds due from the seller as well according to the closing documents.

The escrow company has one final step in the process, and that is a final confirmation from all parties involved to submit in record to the county recorder. Only after all parties confirm is the sale recorded.

Once all steps have been fully completed, the disbursement of all funds are made, and the Real Estate Agent is allowed to provide the keys to the buyer. A final closing receipt is sent to lender.


A chain of title outlines the history of ownership of a piece of property. The purpose of a chain of title is to ensure the home or property is free to transfer to a new owner.  The search includes tracing the title of ownership back to the original owner and ensuring title doesn’t contain any liens, judgements, foreclosures or any other encumbrances that would hinder the transfer of title to a new owner.ng titles